Hard for me to get used to these changing times, I can still remember when the air was clean to breathe, and sex was dirty. Underground nuclear testing, defoliation of the rain forests, toxic waste … Let’s put it this way, if the world were a big apartment, we wouldn’t be getting our deposit back.

Sitting at home because of the motor fuel issue. I understand now, that the flu virus can stay alive on money for up to 14 days. If the bill is wet or has some kind of moisture content to it.

A lot of food commercials on television tonight, sure makes it rough on a guy who is trying his best to slim down, y’know it? I find myself moody and out of sync with my surroundings, once again battling my demons … both physical and mental.

One thing I find irksome, is all this constant “flippin’ around from one shot to the next, on a lot of these television shows” this machine gun style of video journalism. I have a theory on this, and it is this. Most of the people in television these days are of the Internet generation, they grew up flittin’ from one page to the next, surfing.

Now they are just applying that behavior to this old medium. All of us Old Coots find it somewhat irritating.

Not easy growing old, change is hard for me to adapt to. I seem to be heading towards a lifestyle of separation; will I now become a hermit of sorts? Internet, and cable TV, recent additions that will consume my time. Just this week shelled out for a new 24” video screen for the computer, would rather spend the coin on myself, than give it to the Oil Executive’s Retirement Fund.

More time is gradually being spent on books, even tho’ they are cost prohibitive. Magazine subscriptions are increasing, all of it designed to promote an isolationists lifestyle. Slowly I am retreating deep into a cave of my own making, is this good? I dunno.

Looking back on this past week, it has had its fair share of snares, pitfalls, and bear traps for me to step into, and I have. It isn’t good for a writer to be introspective. First thing you know he starts thinking about what he’s thinking and he’s in trouble. It gets so he can put words down on a paper without considering how wrong, inadequate or idiotic they are and he ends up not being able to write anything at all.

Such as the case here.