Another Chance (prose)

I guess I hurt you considerably
More than I imagined was heavenly possible
I guess I should be sorry for your misery
Your grief
Your sorrow
But I am not.

All the pain is yours, My Dear
All the frustration
Because you cast away a love so rare
In your haste to kill our love.

Now I am mostly alone
And I know that I am not ready for most of this
Losing my appetite
Doing the drugs and booze
Long days
Longer nights
This eternal emptiness
Mostly alone
Burning brightly on a short fuse.

Seat Of Power

The absolute best Email of the week … “Hey Don? If you do not get this, let me know.” It must really be HOT in Arizona! (Someone find the key to the liquor cabinet again?)  Here we go boys & girls, another rip-roaring episode in the whacky world of the marginally insane, cabin fever enduring, freewheeling, frontier changing, rule breaking permanent resident of the dark side of life.

Man, I need some sunshine and a day at the beach. If’n me and you were gold prospectors, and were locked in a Cabin, deep in the Sierras, somewhere like Bodie, Ca., one of us would be dead right now.

Pass them donuts, share.

In 2001 the Southampton, England, city council sent a letter to a tree to reassure it that it was safe from being cut down. I am not making this up. According to the letter, which was stuck to the trunk of the 60-year old tree on University Road.

The last letter I received was a terse thing on the windshield of my car, which read, “Thanks for taking up two spaces you inconsiderate no good _________ !” (he basically implied my parents were not married, which I know is a lie.) But that is another post all together, later on that.

This poor tree was issued an “official notice from these elected short sighted malcontents.” The tree was given a preservation order after environmental campaigners (Tree huggers/Conservationists) raised concerns about the poor tree getting axed.

The letter goes on to tell the tree that if it has any comments, it should make them in writing and send them to the city council. I really liked that part of the story. Let’s all form a committee and pool our ignorance. Now one more time ……. We need politicians and government because …..

Let me know if you didn’t get this.