Tree Hugger

Hey! Who put that “User” thing on my account … The 60’s were good to me, no doubt about that. But all the circulars down at the Post Office as far as I know have been taken down … I am squeaky clean.

It reached a point where the ambulances showing up regularly in the middle of the night became a nuisance. Neighbors started complaining … The wife said that all these guys in the living room in the middle of the night yelling 1-2-3 … Clear! Was waking up the baby, so I cleaned up my act. Now, except for an occasional delusion I seem to be doing alright. I am no longer a user, trust me.

As I understand it, drugs have been around for hundred’s and hundred’s of years. They say the Inca’s did drugs. I guess that explains why they were building runways for UFO’s down there. Tonight on Eli Stone, that new show on ABC, they were playing that song, “Who will stop the rain?” and that practically projected me back in time to a semi-conscious drug induced chemically induced stupor right there.

That is a cool song, and a good TV show.

California has just announced that they are going to establish and build roads in National Forests in the Golden State. This to improve logging and to drill for new energy sources, which reminds me, seen an oil rig in the Ponderosa Pines lately?

I guess Ex-Gov. Gray Davis was right when he said: “My vision is to make this the most diverse state on Earth, and we have people from every planet on Earth in this state.”

Check please.

Have a nice weekend, or the legal equivalent if that is still possible.