Gray Wolf

Now that the Western Gray Wolf is doing so well, folks in Idaho want to once again, have them removed from the protected list and its open season again. Swing by Wal*Mart and pick up your ammo today. Something wrong when livestock ranchers (cattle & sheep) think that the eradication of a species is ok.

The wolves, as well as other wildlife, have a right to exist in the wild. It is not the public’s or the Governments’ duty to subsidize ranching on public lands by eliminating predators, just to suit the profit margins of one group of people. The days of taming the west are over … and …. if you vote for me. Which is kind of silly … I am not a member of any organized political party ….. I am a Democrat.

We should all be okay until the Government figures out a way to tax video games and television sets, then we have to worry about the new “No Child Left Inside Law” and when their respective agents will be coming to get us.



Give Em The Finger

Hah, what were you thinking? As Hillary would say ….. Shame on you! Shame-shame on you!

Was over at Staples buying some paper and I came across the neatest little do-hickey (Okie Technical Term, learned it from my third cousin who lives in Bakersfield, that the family doesn’t talk about much). This little thing is the cat’s meow if you do a lot of Internet surfing. It is designed for those irritating log on, password, secret name places you go visit on a regular basis. Anything come to mind, anything?

It is called a MicroSoft fingerprint reader.

Cost is about $35-$40 depending where you go. This little doo-hickey, thing-a-ma-bob, reads your fingerprint (either hand) and when you go to a site and want admission, you establish a finger print read off the device and register it.

The next time you go to that particular site, and they ask you for the password/login name and all that jazz ….. You just stick your finger on the device and it reads the information, fills in the password, and you are in like Flynn. It then dutifully enters all your data, and walla. Access to the site.

Now repeat after me …….. That was easy.