Ice Truckers

Another quiet weekend spent here at the house, watching a little television, snickering and giggling hysterically as the U.S. Oil Companies (“your friends in the gas and oil industry”) try their best to convince us that they are good guys and they are our buddies.

Where is my remote?

Watched this thing on the Discovery Channel about truckers driving trucks across the frozen tundra and lakes of Canada. Delivering mining materials and supplies to gold mines and diamond consortiums in the usually desolate and very isolated part of that country.

Interesting fare. The pay is exorbitant, actually outrageous, $65,000 for hauling something like 30 loads, 90 days of work. The dangers are also high, risky business to say the least.

It was called Ice Truckers or something like that, five part series. Should have been entitled “Trucking across Hell.” Driving on a frozen lake with a 100,000 GVW isn’t exactly a walk in the park. When you finally do graduate from the Acme Truck Driving Academy and they tell you that they have placement openings in a place called “Yellow Knife.”

Don’t walk, run to the next exit.

Trust me, I used to drive a truck, or rather, I used to pay this guy to drive HIS truck. You don’t want this Ice Trucker Job. I am not always a happy camper, but I believe this is better than gear-slammin’, double clutching, a big Pete in Canada with a super-secret CB code name and all.

Has to be …….. A better way to make a living.


Ice Age

Good Morning! Here is another postcard from the wild side.

This Al Gore thing, how much coin did he pick up when he won that award (The Pulitzer Prize). $250,000 perhaps more? I need to get my _______ in gear, figure out a catastrophic event and make me some chump change. So anyway, I was thinking about Al Gore, this Global Warming issue, the polar bears dying because the ice floes are melting and they cannot swim fifty miles to the next one. And it got me to wondering.

If you place a glass on the counter, fill it with ice, and liquid. Then let it set and melt down, it doesn’t overflow the rim of the container.  How come all these Ice Bergs are melting and the oceans are supposed to rise 4 to 6 feet?  I don’t understand that.

While you’re at it, can you tell me where butterflies sleep at night?
Is the Universe truly expanding?
At the speed of light, if you flip on your high-beams, does it get any brighter?
And most importantly, where are the cookies?

These also have been bugging me for a long, long time now.