Affair Of The Heart

I am having an affair of the heart
And I know not how it began
Where it received it’s birth
Or how it will eventually end.

I just know it send my spirit soaring
High into the sky each and every day
It makes me feel beautiful
To know that I am sharing
The love that is coming my way.

I am having an affair of the heart
Each time I look into your beautiful eyes
As you run your fingers through the hair on my chest
Through my loose unbuttoned shirt
Sending electric feelings
Up and down my spine.

I have touched your warm and secret places
I have laid close by your side through the night
We have stared deep
Deep into each other’s inner reaches
Held onto each other
Almost too tight.

Through it all I have to stop and wonder
Where it is you have been all my life
Through it all I have to wonder
Will I be able to keep you mine

Tomorrow when the sun rise’s and gives new life to the day
Will you be here … close to my side
When all the words are spoken in their special way
Will you want to share my life?

Or will you board your airplane
And silently fly away from me
Will you break my heart but once again
Will you leave me alone in misery.

So today I will sit and think of you
And how it was your breath came quickly
With each salty kiss placed upon my lips
Your body swaying before me
In it’s silent silhouette

The daylight hours will come and go
Eventually to the long lonely night
Very little rest
The memory of your whispered voice in my ear
This sudden emptiness.

All my lessons of life
I have learned rather well
This experience which consumed so many days of my days
As I stumbled blindly along
Love’s frustrating lane
How easy it was that I fell
Where to land is anyone’s guess.

Because you see,
I am having an affair of the heart
And I have no idea as to how it began
Where it received it’s birth
Or it’s eventual end.


Vote No II

Man, I am answering my own posts, how sad is that? I had a bad night, you will have to excuse me. I dreamed that I was driving down Mission Blvd. and slamming into everyone, just slamming into them. From side to side to side, all the way down to Fremont. Not hurting anyone, though, just knocking the cell phones out of their hands.

It is official …. Read My Lips! … No New Taxes.

Uh huh … Sure. Yeah, right.

The vote passed. These dummies handed them the keys to the city, and here we go again. The Ford Center in Oklahoma City will get its indigenous growth and makeover initiative. The measure presented to the voters passed (Yesterdays Vote No post 3-4-08). It is now official, city fathers will get the $121 million dollar face-lift and makeover.

The worst part is in a city of approximately 750,000 citizens, only 235,000 are registered voters. People don’t register to vote because they are susceptible to “jury duty and summons.” I have served on three juries, but now they excuse me, because I have diabetes and because I am loopy and they cannot afford to have a loopy-half-crazed Foreman of the Jury, on their hands.

Yesterday, the vote was 21,000 (no) and 38,000 (yes) … Less than 60,000 of the 235,000 even bothered to show up. Nothing like a night at the Arena. $9 hot dogs, a can of Pepsi $4.50, and $40.00 to get in the door.

Thank God for ESPN and Cable TV.

Ask any Okie what is apathy and this is what you will hear. “I don’t know what apathy is ……. And I don’t care.” Welcome to Oklahoma, please set your watch back fifty-years.

Speaking of sports?

President Felipe Calderon of Mexico has announced that Mexico will not participate in the Beijing Summer Olympics. He stated: “Casi cada uno que puede fucionar, saltar, o la nadada ha salido ya del pams.” Which translates as follows: “Pretty much everyone who can run, jump, or swim has already left the country!”

Yeah I know ……. Take four more laps around the track Smith.