Somebody’s Comin’

Tell everybody who aint got nobody,
Somebody’s comin,
Tell all those people who think they need more money
Somebody’s comin
Tell all those people who are walkin proud,
Standing tall,
that money talks,
but it doesn’t talk all that loud.

Somebody’s coming who is gonna change everything.

Tell all those people making all those decisions
Tell all those people with their hateful opinions
Tell everyone in the KKK, FBI and the CIA
Somebody’s coming to change your mind

Somebody’s coming who won’t let you down
Take everything you thought was right,
and change it all around.
Somebody’s coming
Who has been here before
If you think you’re out of chances,
Well, you got one more.

Somebody’s coming who is gonna change this old world.

Russel Taft.

Vote No

Just got back from the voting location, what do they call it, “The Polling Place.” Nothing more exciting to a voter registrar to see a dirty-yellow-dawg-Democrat like me coming in to vote “NO” on just about everything. This is also a bit of quandary. Run this one up the old flagpole and see if you can find someone to salute it.

All this hoopla over this “separation of church and state” that is always being shoved down our throats?: WHY IS IT THAT MY POLLING PLACE IS A CHURCH? I remember a story I heard where they said “Fourteen members of Congress were all caught in a failed elevator in Washington DC.”

And it abruptly ended very badly for the American Taxpayer …….. “They all got out.”

This particular exercise in futility today (most tax measures around here predictably pass), was on a recent proposed sales tax amendment to the tune of $121 Million dollars for improvements downtown. This largesse, this bequest on behalf of the taxpayer, is so that a Basket Ball team from Seattle would find us inviting and come here.

I also know it will pass, you see Okies, have a well defined reputation of kissing the first gal to come driving down the Interstate.

Here is the rub. The city fathers tell us that this will not increase our taxes! Yeah I believe that, just like I believe a screen door on the Space Shuttle would be a nifty idea too. Now I was never Mr. Roth’s best student (math) and Mr. Gordon (Science) will tell you that I was almost never expected to have my science project in on time.

Coach Leopold ….. well, …. it was always the same with that guy …. Take another 4 laps around the track Smith …. He was pretty predictable.

Politicians must believe we are stoooopid (sp). I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I can do simple math ….. $121 million dollars divided by the 235,000 registered voters figures out to be what? About $515.00 (approx.) tax equivalent per eligible voter.

A sales tax is the most regressive and socially unjust of all possible taxes because it hurts the disadvantaged disproportionately. It will also cut down severely on my monthly quota of Ding Dongs and Ho-Ho’s at the SuperCenter. So like I said …. I voted Mox-Nix on that sucker.

Politics …….
Poly … From the Greek word Poly, meaning many …
Tic … English, a blood sucking parasite.

Giving the super rich a free lunch is something I personally believe we should vigorously oppose, and that is the reason for my “NO” today. That is why it will be “NO” in the future. So much for today’s civics lesson (Mr. Cribbin, Social Studies, 3rd period…. Betcha thought I had forgotten huh?).

I guess it is all mute, I couldn’t run for President even if I wanted to (lucky for most of you, I don’t desire to lift myself to this lofty status). You see, I smoked dope in the Sixties …. and I inhaled ….. Boy did I inhale.

”You can lead a man to Congress, but you cannot make him think.”
  Milton Berle