Horny Toads

Oh take me north of Texas,
Where the wild persimmon grow
To the land of dark, red water
And the folks I used to know.

Out where unlucky ter’pins
Are squashed flat on the roads
With all the shiny Coors cans
And the scaley brown horned toads.

So take me south of Kansas
To the spot I long to be
To where they think a blackjack’s
An ordinary tree

I long to see my homeland
In the springtime that is nigh
And sit and watch the twisters
Making circles in the sky

Out were the banks and oil men
Are waiting to go bust
And the swimming schools of catfish
Raise a summer cloud of dust.

Show me autumn’s farmers
And the crops they’ve grown so well
And let me help them harvest
The wheat they’ll never sell.

I long for winter breezes
And the cheery, nippy days
For fun I’ll go walking
In snow that falls sideways.

Somewhere west of Arkansas
I’ll go just where I can
Almighty God have mercy
I’m an Oklahoma man.

Debate #2

I’m sorry you have overstayed your welcome, please hang up and dial again, and again, and again …  Oh well, you get the drift, dontcha?   We will now stick a fork in you ’cause you are done.  We no longer have time to mess with you.

Most folks get it after the “first notice” evidently you didn’t?

Debate about politics, religion, race and homosexuals, same-sex are fruitless, along with several other touchy subjects.  No one is going to change anyone else’s mind on such issues, which makes the whole operation rather like masturbation as opposed to sex: while the former is momentarily satisfying, most folks find that a lifelong relationship with their hand is not the most rewarding thing to aim for.

Of course, only you can decide that for yourself.

Certain issues are not amenable to discussion online amongst any but the best of friends, and sometimes not even then.  Which brings us to another reason.  It is difficult to carry on any sort of useful contention online, save perhaps with people we know well enough that they are able to read between our lines.  I can be curt with some people if I am busy or in a bad mood, and they will be offended a little, if at all.  The same treatment of almost anyone else would result in resentment, often retaliation, and almost certainly devolution of the discussion to the level of name-calling, overt or otherwise.

Visual observation makes up about 80% of human communication.

Even with it, the more evocative the subject the more likely there will be misunderstanding or misread emotional content; without it, such problems are almost certain.  No matter how good we believe we are at expressing ourselves, there is no way that any but the most professional of communicators can do so that precisely.  Even then the ability of a reader to comprehend the thoughts of another, uncolored by his or her own prejudices, is a potential problem.  For these reasons, I prefer not to engage at all.

  • A debate could end up making all of us look bad.
  • You should debate only those people with whom you think you could win, in your case, I do not feel this would present any type of problem.
  • You have to have a sense of humor, which appears to me, you do not.

Comments are welcome, and civil comments will always be approved unless they are just too stupid for words.  But don’t expect me to become involved in some kind of discussion.  If we agree already, it’s not necessary.  If we don’t, we are unlikely to settle the issue in this venue.

That being the case, why should I bother?  Life’s too short, and there are too many interesting things to do with it.

On the positive side, 99.9% of the time, I do mean to have the best intentions and I truly want to do what is right. Often others as such is the case, perceive just the opposite.  And, finally, I don’t have to justify what I do here, because it’s my blog — Duh — and unless you agree with me and tell me I’m a wonderful person, I really don’t care what you think.

Perhaps in all this you have noticed, I have a website to write, maintain and enjoy and you are no longer a viable part of that.  It takes considerable effort, time and labor to stay on top of what is current and put out a quality product.  I don’t have time to babysit malcontents or whiners.  Only one more thing remains to be said, and that is this …. I no longer have time for you … sorry,

Any and all submissions from you in the future, will be deleted.

Have a nice life.

Debate #1

It is right there on the bottom of the comments page “We Dont Debate.”


We expect to receive heated, robust debate, but that doesn’t mean we will condone it or approve it. Discussion is just another word for debate … Bantering back and forth is pointless.

Contrary to popular belief this is NOT a Democracy.

Yes, what is not allowable is subjective. We will use language filtering programs to block certain words and we will use human editing too. Comments should be limited to the topic of the original posting. This is not the place for private conversations, no matter how innocent.

Posting comments is not the same thing as complaining to me about this site or notifying me of a problem – there’s a big difference.  If you perhaps totally disagree with anything you see or read here, that is fine and remember, you have the option to go somewhere else.  It is my space, I pay for it and I will post my opinions regardless of any comment to the contrary.  Like it or not, you are the guest here, it is after all my house.

That is how it works.


Tanks A Lot

I am sitting in the kitchen at the kitchen table, the wife sez to me …. “Whadya want?” and I say what I always say when I am in a good mood. I smile and I say …. Coffee, two sugars, no conversation.

Then I see my favorite commercial of the week ….. A lady filling up her car, and she says, “Have you seen the price of gasoline lately? This is why I am only putting $10 in it; I am hoping it will go back down. I need tires too.” And if Kojac had a comb ….

Now, I like women, and on occasion they like me, I have no problems with the gender thing. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus ….. Deal with it. But seriously lady, you are not going to find any cheap gas, it is gone, along with the Beatles, The Beach Boys, Dodge Chargers, and Lone Ranger lunch boxes.

If you want to shop around town for some “reasonable gasoline prices” you can use this. It works for me.


No cheap gas …. The oil companies have gone off the deep-end of the pool, it is over, I surrender. Lady I hope you get your new tires. One more thing. If you seriously believe that motor fuel is going down, I have some good bottom ground right next to the Cimarron River in Logan County I want to sell you.

$10 worth of gas? Must be driving to the 7-11 for a Slurpy … $10 won’t get you much these days. Gawd, $4 a gallon. Putting $4 a gallon gasoline in a lawnmower, is like rubbing Channel #5 on a pig!


The Governator

Showing The Gov-er-Nator sking at Tahoe tonight, beautiful shots of Caly-forn-yuh on the tube, a little of Yellowstone and Wyoming on the other channel.  What I wouldn’t do for 200 gallons and a hundred dollar bill.  Turn me loose and let me fly. I seem to want to run away, get as far away from here as I can.

Tahoe looks inviting, and I am ready.

Time has a way of jading a man. I could be morphing into something totally new, and have no idea as to why. Might be on a nostalgic flash or some kind of mid-life rush that I did not know about. Which for the initiated could possibly be: “A mixed feeling of happiness, sadness, and longing when recalling a person, place, or event from the past, or the past in general.”

Tragically, I don’t have enough discretionary income available to me to run out and buy a Porsche convertible or a ‘Vette to clearly celebrate this milestone in my life. Maybe it is the weather?

Old Timers always blame everything on the weather. Living in this place, with radical severe weather that veers from -5* and horribly punishing wind-chills, to 70+ degrees the next day, could very well be part of the problem. Just this past week, they had “grapefruit sized hail” on the Oklahoma – Kansas border.

Can you imagine, “Grapefruit Sized Hail?”


“Hey Thelma, this is Marge …You get any hail over there …. We got Grapefruit size hail last night, you get any? Grandpa, bless his heart, took off running for the house from the pickup, and he made it okay, got hit a couple of times, and he has been dressing like a woman for the past four days, but I think he is going to be okay”

Found an interesting site today, it was “Bad Neighbors.Com” (or something like that) went on there to see if I was perhaps in trouble with anyone. Safe.

Also had a link “Are You Fat?” and I prudently made the decision … that some buttons in life are better off not being clicked. I am okay, my family physician told me just the other day.  I am my perfect weight …. If I was seven feet tall.

Late into the night. My body is tired, but my mind won’t let me sleep, I should be lying in my bed resting And preparing to greet the new day. But my mind won’t let me, it is telling me something …. Something I can not understand.

I have often heard it said idle hands are the workshop of the devil, and tonight I am paying for my past sins, if he (the Devil) danced in empty pockets, he would have a ball in mine  My heart is heavy; my bones are tired and weary. But still the long, long night never ends.

So here I sit in my quiet abode I guess I am tired and need to go to sleep but I just cannot stop worrying. Worrying about things I can not change, shouldering my burdensome load … Two plastic bags of groceries from the Super Center.

Fifty bucks!

Where is my refund?