Check Is In The Mail

I read in the paper where Rhode Island is weeks behind on paying its bills, leaving hundreds of businesses and contractors in a financial lurch. The state faces a $151 million budget deficit for the fiscal year ending in June. They say that there is enough money to pay the delinquent bills, one problem seems to be the Governor. All the people he cut off in order to trim the excess, are the VERY SAME PEOPLE who are assigned the task of writing these checks. Now …. “that” … was smart.

In Alabama a house committee failed to double the tax on oil and gas producers who have wells along the Alabama coast. The vote was 4-11 in favor of the oil producers, after “heavy lobbying by Exxon Mobil and others.” Alabama is facing a $40 million dollar shortage.

And we need politicians for ……….

A country boy from Alabama moves to the Bay Area. He comes home from work one day, finds his sister unconscious on the floor, so he picks up the telephone and dials 911. The operator comes on and he frantically screams into the phone, “my sister is unconscious; I need one of them thar am-bu-lances!” So the operator says, “What is the address?” The country boys says “1421 Eucalyptus Drive.”

The operator says, “Spell that for me.” Long pause, and then a voice says, “How about I drag her down to the corner, on Oak Street, and you can pick her up there.”

Television is full of Political hopefuls tonight, promising the world, and more than likely, delivering on nothing in the future. I get a kick out of it, almost funny, except at the same time it is nothing more than a pathetic ruse, lulling us into submission to vote them into office on a plate of lies and falsehoods, half-truths.

The dogs of war and terrorism are feasting on our carcasses and we smile for the photo op and declare them our friends. It seems my expectations for the government are woefully short alongside everything else.

Each night, one by one, they step down from the bus, and face the camera and give us the latest Aesopian version of the quick take and we are none the wiser, here in the Heartland with our beer and bag of chips. I find it interesting that a candidate that is supposed to know about “foreign policy” and all that would say, “Al Qaeda is being financed thru Iran.”

I believe I have a handle on this. Now Iran is predominantly Shite and Al Qaeda is Sunny … or vice or versa?” Point being? You would think someone running for the highest office in the land would or should, know the difference. I am not all that sure.

But then again, I am not running for President.