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May 9, 2015

Weather Guessers Game

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One more day and it should be over, or at least, a brief respite from some of this is possible. Let us hope so.

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We had thunder-garbage and twisters yesterday, and we are scheduled for more today.  This time of the year, all of the local weatherman kind of get that glassy-eye look, sort of like a deer in the headlights, and they often go off the deep-end of the pool.  Yesterday was such the case, everything from baseball size hail, to teacup size was described.

The apocalyptic end of the world for me and the Misses was supposed to have arrived at 10:18 P.M. and it did not actually show up until well after three in the morning.  Several areas of our state did have tornadoes touch down and there was some damage, last I heard it did not cause any deaths, and that is always good news.  It did however drop 2.5 inches of rain on us, and the pond filled up overnight, went from 16” to  43” in the blink of…

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May 7, 2015

Pass Me That Twinkie ….

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TwinkiesA recent study in Sweden has confirmed this.  Researchers took samples of fat cells from volunteers over the course of several years; they discovered that no matter how much the subjects’ weights changed, their number of fat cells remained the same.

So your fat cells grow and shrink in your body, but they remain the same.  You are actually “friends with your fat.”

Isn’t that repulsive.


May 6, 2015

Wednesday Soggy Day Blues …

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Old guySome men dream of crossing oceans

Some men dream one day to fly

Spend their whole lives out there floating

On the water and the skies.

Some men dream of building fortunes

Some men dream of having fame

Nothing else is more important

Than making money and a name.


May 5, 2015

Tuesday’s Lift … Living On Free Gas

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Big Brother

Every day in this world of ours, there is pain and suffering, there are enough natural occurring disasters.  Why the news media in this country wants to feed us a steady diet of biased, hate filled news, is beyond me.   (more…)

May 4, 2015

Golden State …

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Unregulated joy and fantasy this Monday morning.  A new political endomorphic high for the rich has been proclaimed.

I got my refund on Saturday!

This phenomenon leads to a recently discovered social inter-reaction it is called Intaxication: Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.


May 2, 2015

Ahhhhhhhhh Saturday.

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I am taking the weekend off … See you on Monday.

May 1, 2015

Quick Silver … Penny For Your Thoughts

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Here you go!  This is for all of you like George Barenbrock who always had their science project turned in on time.  Back in the day, when we were kids, we used to take Mercury and smear it all over a penny, to make it look like a dime. 

Then we would go to the store and attempt to purchase a candy bar with it.  Try doing that today, I bought a candy bar over the weekend, and it was $1.39 plus tax.  My money doesn’t even slow down when it gets to me. 


April 30, 2015

Technology is eating our lives.

As anyone who knows me will testify, I am not a big fan of technology (used wrong) gadgets, do-dads and the latest whatever to hit the retail market.  I am old school, make no bones about it, and firmly believe that FakeBook and the Internet are not improving the nature of communication in this country, they are slowly eroding it.  We are placating our children with it, so we don’t have to interact with them, we use it to avoid people instead of reaching out to them, and in general, they just take away from the quality of life and do not add to it.


April 29, 2015

Zip Code Blues …

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mailboxWho?  What?  Where?  When and Why?  And the resounding common answer is … I dunno?  Here you go, another scathing indictment of Public Education is now headed your way.


April 28, 2015

High School Rag … Nitty Gritty

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Did we really do that?  Incredible, I can clearly relate to that “One Guy” in the video.  Yes, boys and girls, the truth it seems, is indeed, stranger than fiction.  In my case, “it is downright incriminating” when presented in a court of law.


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